One Way of Looking at It

Ron studied violin, compositional theory, harmony, and counterpoint under Baird Knechtel in Toronto between 1961 and 1965. He then studied Flamenco guitar 1965 - 1967. However, after his move to Montreal in 1967 to attend university, he was no longer able to carry forward his musical training. As late as 1980 he was still playing Flamenco, but his skills had not advanced in the absence of a teacher.

Ron taught high school English literature in his first major career and then spent about 25 years as a systems analysis, specializing in performance and security, in Ottawa, mainly consulting for federal government departments. During that time his musical skills were directed towards writing computer management programs.

In 2001, Ron decided that it was time that he went back to school and so enrolled in Carleton University's music department, taking courses in contemporary techniques, orchestration, and counterpoint under Dr. Deirdre Piper. As Ron's reputation spread, Dr. Alan Belkin of the Université de Montréal took Ron on as a long distance student.

Ron lives with his wife of over 40 years in the town of Smiths Falls, Ontario, a short distance from Ottawa. He is retired.

Another Way of Looking at It

A few years ago I wrote the story of my years between the ages of 14 and 21. I had left home two months shy of my 15th birthday and began university seven years later. Those years were critical in my development as a musician. The 66 page pdf document can be found here: From 14 to 21: How I grew from a 14-year-old runaway to a 21-year-old university student