Michel R. Edward Crabtree, Qu补c

My friend and teacher who writes with clarity and vision and who is generously sharing his knowledge and skill with me.

Alan Belkin Montr蠬, Qu补c

I've known Alan for many years through his online tutorials and texts. He became my teacher two years ago.

Patrick Cardy (1953-2005) Ottawa, Ontario

When I first began my search for a teacher, a friend suggested I get in touch with Patrick. I spoke with him by telephone, then he emailed me a list of composers living and working in Ottawa. He was head of the music department at Carleton University, and I'll never forget how he took time from his very busy schedule to help a stranger. His music is more experimental than some of the other composers here.

Srul Irving Glick (1934-2002) Toronto, Ontario

There's a bubbling optimism in much of Glick's work. One of his last works was The Song of Eternal Light, a moving celebration of the light that binds our universe together.

Harry Somers (1925-1997) Toronto, Ontario

There was a time when Harry Somer's name was synonymous with contemporary Canadian music. The works that I have heard are full-bodied and mature.

Michael Matthews Winnipeg, Manitoba

I adore Michael's gentle yet complex music.

Jan Järvlepp Ottawa, Ontario

Composer of the notorious Garbage Symphony, Jan's work is wide-ranging in style and influence.

R. Murray Schafer Toronto, Ontario

Arguably one of the most influential of today's Canadian composers, R. Murray Schafer has been working on a cycle of 12 musical-theatre works, called Patria, that has been taking shape for about thirty years.