Instrumental Works

  • Dreaming

    for chamber orchestra
    Playing Time: 4:04 June, 2024
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  • Catherine Susanna Jane Hunt

    for symphony orchestra
    Playing Time: 9:24 April - May, 2024
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  • Leaving

    for symphony orchestra
    Playing Time: 11:30 April, 2024
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  • Rising

    for symphony orchestra
    March, 2024
    Playing Time: 12:10 March, 2024
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  • Scarboro Variations

    for chamber orchestra
    Playing Time: 11:36 November, 2023
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  • Lament

    for solo violin and string orchestra
    Playing Time: 3:25 June, 2023
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  • Three Etudes

    1. Etude for Solo Violin
    Playing Time: 3:47
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    2. Etude for Solo Flute
    Playing Time: 2:47
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    3. Etude for Solo Oboe
    Playing Time: 3:21
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  • Images for small orchestra 2021

    Continuing my study of polyrhythms
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  • Evening Dawn 2021

    For Flute, English Horn, Horn in F, Bassoon, and string orchestra
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  • Flute Fantasy 2021

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  • String Suite 2020

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  • Double Quintet 2020

    Double Quintet for Winds and Strings
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  • For Joe, 2018

    Performed by the Octava Chamber Orchesta conducted by Johan Louwersheimer. Lynnwood, Washingon. 23 September 2018.
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  • Lux Aeterna Luceat Eis, 2017

    In memory of Joseph Dillon Ford (1952 - 2017.) Performed by the Octava Chamber Orchesta conducted by Ian Alverez. Matt Wiess solo violin. Lynnwood, Washingon
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  • 4:00 am, 2012

    for string orchestra. Click for playback
  • The Robin Hood Suite

    performed by the The Iris Clarinet Quartet on February 3, 2013. Members of the quartet: Rie Okamura, Yukari Iwai, Misaki Oda, and Kaori Fuji. (My contribution, "The Black Knight," begins at 4:55)
  • Mode Mineur

    Part of Variations concertantes sur le nom de Paul Verlaine pour basson et orchestre à cordes, performed by the Octava Chamber Orchestra conducted by Maestro Johan Louwersheimer. Bassoon soloist: Franck Leblois. In Seattle, Washington on November 22, 2009. (My contribution begins at 4:40)

Vocal Works

  • Standing Alone

    Click for playback Image of a 14 year old runaway hitchhiking at night. Sheet music
  • I Am Snow (Falling Gently)

    Click for playback A subtle reference to "Just-spring" by e. e. cummings. Sheet music
  • I'm Starting to Cry (Don't Know Why)

    Click for playback Depression: the great destroyer. Sheet music
  • Children Sleeping Under Bridges (A Christmas Carol)

    Sheet Music Written in 2005 for a local choir. Many members threatened to quit if the director insisted they perform it. Some of my Christian friends were also scandalized, saying it is inappropriate to sing about poverty and the homeless at Christmas. Funny, I always thought that that is what Christmas is about.