Chamber Works

  • 4 am
    January 2012, for string orchestra
    playing time: 4:55 file size: 4.8 MB
    We have all had those nights of tubulent nightmares.

  • For Nicole May, 2014
    playing time: 9:45; file size: 8.9 MB
    Theme and variations on a traditional Welsh melody for string orchestra.

  • Twelve Miniatures for Violin and Harp

    2013, subtitle: For Nickie.

    Three sections from this work were performed by Matthew C. Weiss on violin and Alec Sjoholm on harp as part of the Octava Chamber Music Extravaganza at Maple Park Church, Seattle, Washington on July 27th 2013. Recording of the performance.

Orchestral Music

  • The Playground, Nap Time, and Awake Again
    June, 2014
    playing time: 5:50; file size: 5.4 MB

  • Kanwike (Remembering) Nov 2013 - Jan 2014
    playing time: 5:12; file size: 4.9 MB

    The title Kanwike is Algonquin for "remembering." This piece represents, in a very small way, an attempt to say something about the aboriginal women and girls who have been murdered or gone missing. Our government steadfastlessly has refused to engage the issue in any meaningful way, insisting that it is a matter for police alone to deal with. Here's some background: a document prepared by The Native Women's Association of Canada.

    The closing melody, played on a tenor flute, is an Apache song called "In a Scared Manner I Live."
    The lyrics are:
    In a sacred manner I live.
    To the heavens I gazed.
    In a sacred manner I live.
    My horses are many.

  • Violin Concerto

    August 2008 - December 2009

    Dedicated to Kurt Baumgartner who has never wavered in his support and friendship. In its entirety
    playing time: 14:30 file size: 13.6 MB

Songs (Hymns)

Delian Society Contributions

The Delian Society, conceived by American composer Joseph Dillon Ford, was founded on 23 January 2004 as an international community of composers, performers, scholars, recording engineers, music publishers, and amateurs dedicated to the revitalization of the great tonal traditions in art music. The Society takes its name from the Greek Island of Delos, legendary birthplace of Apollo, god of music and light. (Wikipedia)

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